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Did you know that vitamins, your diet, and the shampoo you use all affect hair thickness and health? Although factors like genetics and medical treatment as well as conditions like trichotillomania, or fluctuations in hormones thanks to childbirth, menopause, or even stress can factor in too. That’s why Natural Tresses has taken the time to review every product on the market and we only carry or recommend those that have a proven track record.

Nu-Life Hair Care

Nu-Life Hair Care Products Revitalizes & Restores Nu-Life to the hair.


Detox Stimulating Shampoo

Detox stimulating shampoo is a special shampoo of nature’s own tea tree oil that relieves itching and flaking of the scalp. Detox stimulating shampoo deep cleanses and removes the build-up of styling products and waxy conditioners as it cleanses the hair and scalp of mineral deposits creating a clean, hydrated scalp.

Moisture Infusion Shampoo

Moisture Infusion Shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes dry, brittle hair.


Multi-Nutrient Moisturizing Treatment

Multi-Nutrient is a moisturizing treatment that helps repair distressed hair, increases elasticity, mends split ends, and improves manageability. This moisturizing treatment is a complex of argan oil, avocado oil, silk amino acids, and vitamin B5.

Biotin Boost Collagen Protein Treatment

Biotin Boost is a customized blend of collagen and wheat protein, mink oil, and avocado oil. Biotin Boost is formulated with polymers that rebuild and strengthen the hair strands and improves elasticity, porosity and mend split ends. Moisturizes dry, brittle hair.

Daily Maintenance

Nu-Silk Glossifier

Nu-Silk Glossifier hydrates and sills the hair shaft while leaving the hair soft and silky.

Shae-Lock Hair and Body Cream

Shae-Lock is enriched in vitamin A, D, and E.

Daily Hair & Scalp Treatments

Nu-Tree Growth Serum

Nu-Tree Growth Serum penetrates and stimulates follicles, accelerating the growth of healthy hair. It provides nutrients derived from botanicals and oils essential to hair growth. Hair is strengthened from the root to the tip, which helps promote thicker, fuller hair.

Re-Vive Growth Spray

Feel the tingle as Re-Vive Growth Spray invigorates the roots. Stimulates the scalp as it removes excess oils and sebum build-up that can clog the hair follicle causing hair loss. Increases micro circulation so essential nutrients are drawn to the hair’s root promoting hair growth. Therapeutic ingredients soothe, tone, and moisturze. Safe for chemically-treated hair.