About Natural Tresses Hair Salon

Amplify your hair’s natural beauty or redefine your look altogether with Natural Tresses Hair Salon, Raleigh’s trusted team of professional stylists.

At Natural Tresses Hair Salon, we believe great consultations and great hairdressing, styling, coloring, and highlighting go hand-in-hand. Our mission is to grow alongside our vibrant Raleigh community through education-based styling.

Our team takes it upon itself to maintain the highest recognized standards in the salon industry. We embrace change as well as traditional hairdressing techniques, and we always look for the opportunity to deliver more and give our salons’ loyal customers exactly what they’re looking for.  

Natural Tresses strives to make everyone who walks through our doors feel heard, seen, and ultimately—beautified with personalized care! It all begins with a friendly conversation between you and one of our capable stylists, just a dialogue to get a sense of your specific vision. Our specialists know that what one team member is visualizing may not necessarily be what a client is visualizing (language has its limitations when it comes to beauty unless there’s a real conversation and context), and so it’s essential to begin by mapping out your vision together. Our team wants to learn about your lifestyle, how much time you spend on your hair each day, and what you want to achieve with your look. This way we’re sure to be on the same page, poised to get you the results you deserve!   

And when it’s all said and done, and you’ve looked favorably upon your new cut, styling, or coloring from every angle, Natural Tresses will take notes on your salon experience to provide background information for future visits. This way, we’ll maintain a quick, accurate point of reference that we can continue to build upon. After all, Natural Tresses is all about building long-term relationships where every client knows without quest